The Rockefeller Habits methodology is the development of a one page plan which aligns PEOPLE, STRATEGY and EXECUTION. The strength of the Rockefeller Habits comes from the simplicity of the plan, and alignment of your Management and Staff. Execution comes from setting the priorities and assigning them on the basis of who, what and when. Execution happens by making your priorities measurable and having regular meetings to build accountability.

LLT has been practicing the Rockefeller Habits in our own business for more than 7 years and the results speak for themselves as LLT continues to grow and build strong relationships with our clients.

In addition to traditional accounting services, LLT also offers business coaching where we will assist you with the implementation of the Rockefeller Habits methodology in your business. The right coach can make all the difference.

Please contact Casey Langbroek at 604-858-4990 if you are interested in learning more.